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Looking for a professional company to provide a free survey following damage to your property? IC Assist can help. Choosing the right company to assess the damage is important. Especially if you’ve had a leak, burst pipe, flood or fire. As if you don’t start drying or repairing the water damage promptly, secondary damage can occur to the fabric of the building. This usually occurs in areas that you can’t see. For example, this could be above your ceiling, behind your walls or underneath your floor coverings (laminate, vinyl, tiles, carpet etc).

Most tradesmen overlook this as they are only trained in one trade i.e. plastering, decorating, tiling, flooring etc. They don’t want to deal with water trapped in building materials such as joists, timber, concrete floors and plaster etc.

IC Assist, however, specialises in insurance claims and have been surveying, drying and repairing damaged properties for a decade. So, we will ensure you get a professional assessment of the damage.

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Damaged Building Materials

We have a specialist team to deal with all types of repairs. So, there’s no need for you to get multiple quotes from several different companies. Thanks to our diverse team of tradesmen that we’ve built up over the past ten years, we offer a wide range of building services. This ensures we can assist with many different types of property claims. From minor damage to ceilings, walls and floors to complete property refurbishments. Therefore, no matter how big or small the damage is, IC Assist can help!

Why It’s Important to Have a Professional Building Survey Carried Out

Here’s one example of what can get overlooked if you don’t choose a professional company to survey your property damage. IC Assist was called in to do a water damage assessment following a leak from the flat above. We were told that the kitchen ceiling and bedroom wall were both damaged. The recommendation of the Loss Adjuster and several other contractors who surveyed the damage before we attended, was to just stain block and paint. Our surveyor, on the other hand, knew from experience that stain-blocking was completely inappropriate.

Thankfully the customer called IC Assist. As after removing a few kitchen plinths, it was clear to our surveyor that there was a significant amount of damage to the kitchen wall too. Further investigation revealed multiple layers of plasterboard and insulation on the walls and ceiling were soaking wet and covered with mould. But, it was the significant damage to the timber structure of the building that was most concerning! (As the wooden ceiling and floor plates also needed replacing.) This is an example of a claim that could have gone drastically wrong if it hadn’t been professionally assessed. You can see some pictures of the water damage strip out work on our Facebook page.

Be aware of insurance companies offering cash settlements without surveying the damage.

To cut costs, some insurers aren’t sending anyone out to survey damaged properties. Instead, they are asking their customers to send them photographs or give them measurements of the affected room(s). They will then use this as the basis for their settlement offer. (Ultimately, they are making their customers do more work so that they can review and authorise claims without having to leave their office!)

If your insurer has asked you to do this, we advise you to give us a call to book a free survey of your property. Since IC Assist works for YOU, not your insurer, we’ll ensure they don’t miss any necessary repairs. We will also manage your claim to prevent your insurer from trying to offer you an inadequate settlement. (All of this and more is included as part of our free claims management service.)

We Manage Everything on your Behalf at No Cost

As insurance specialists, we’ve helped so many clients make successful property claims. As a result of our involvement, knowledge and negotiating skills, we’ve prevented several insurers and Loss Adjusters from giving unfair settlements. These were settlement offers that weren’t sufficient to cover all necessary repairs! If you choose IC Assist to manage your claim, we will not only ensure your insurer handles your claim fairly. But we will also repair your property in line with your cover. We pride ourselves on delivering a professional, tailored service to our customers at all times.

To get your FREE survey and professional assessment of the damage to your property call 0800 4337 290.