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Free survey for home insurance claims

Looking for a professional company to provide a free survey following damage to your property? IC Assist can help.

Choosing the right company to assess the damage is really important. Especially if you’ve had a leak, burst pipe, flood or fire. As if you don’t start drying or repairing the water damage promptly, secondary damage can occur to the fabric of the building. This is usually areas that you can’t see. For example, this could be above your ceiling, behind your walls or underneath your floor coverings (laminate, vinyl, tiles, carpet etc).

Most tradesmen overlook this as they are only trained in one trade i.e. plastering, decorating, tiling, flooring etc. They don’t want to deal with water trapped in building materials such as joists, timber/concrete floors, plaster etc.

IC Assist however, specialise in insurance claims and have been surveying, drying and repairing water damaged properties for over 9 years. So, we will ensure you get a professional assessment of the damage.

Why it’s important to have a professional survey carried out.

We were recently called in to survey some water damage in a flat. The kitchen ceiling and bedroom wall were both damaged following a leak from the flat above. The recommendation of the Loss Adjuster and the contractors who surveyed the damage before we attended, was to stain block and paint. Our surveyor on the other hand knew from experience that stain blocking was completely inappropriate.

Thankfully the customer called us. As after further investigation, significant mold growth was evident as we began stripping back the multiple layers of plasterboard and insulation from walls and ceilings. More worryingly though, is that the timber structure is completely soaking and has mold growth. As a result, the timber ceiling and floor plates need replacing. In order to do this, the external walls of the building need to be removed and renewed. As well as rebuilding the kitchen and bedrooms in both apartments! This is an example of a claim that could have gone drastically wrong, if a professional hadn’t assessed it. Some pictures of the water damage strip out work can be seen on our Facebook page. We will add more photos as the claim progresses.

IC Assist survey all types of property claims:

  • Water damage repairs to ceilings, walls and floors – after an escape of water from a burst/leaking pipe or appliance.
  • Flood damage – due to water level rising outside and entering a property.
  • Accidental damage – water overflowing from a sink or bath. Accidentally drilling into a pipe. Or spilling a whole bucket of water.
  • Malicious/criminal damage – significant property damage caused by tenants/criminals.
  • Fire damage – soot and odour removal and complete building refurbishment.
  • Storm damage repairs  – boundary walls being blown over. Or roof tiles slipping or blowing off causing water to enter your property.
  • Impact damage  – car accidents that cause damage to your property or boundary wall.

We can also assess all types of damaged building materials:

We have a specialist team to deal with all types of repairs. So there’s no need for you to get multiple quotes from several different trades. Thanks to our diverse team of tradesmen that we have built up over the past 9 years, we offer a wide range of building services. This ensures we can assist with many different types of property claims. From minor damage to ceilings, walls and floors to complete bathroom and kitchen re-fits. Therefore, no matter what damage there is to your property IC Assist can help!

Your insurer has professionals representing them and you should too! We manage everything on your behalf at no cost.

As insurance specialists, we have helped so many people make successful property claims. As a result of our involvement, knowledge and negotiating skills, we’ve prevented several insurers/Loss Adjusters from giving unfair settlements.  These were settlement offers that weren’t sufficient to cover all necessary repairs! If you choose IC Assist to manage your claim, we will ensure your insurer handles your claim fairly. We will also repair your property in line with your cover.

We pride ourselves on delivering a professional, tailored service to our customers at all times. As a result, we have many satisfied customers who have taken the time to give us feedback about our service on Google, Facebook and My Builder reviews. You can also visit our Facebook albums where you can see handwritten testimonials and client surveys.

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