Storm Damage Insurance Claim

Storm damage insurance claim after severe downpour

Making a storm damage insurance claim? IC Assist can help with any internal damage to your property.

If strong winds have caused your roof tiles to slip or blow off and you are making a claim for the water damage repairs inside of your home, IC Assist can help. Repairs to ceiling and walls are usually required after an ingress of water during a storm. So if your ceilings, walls or floors have been damaged by a leaking roof after a recent storm just get in touch. We can help with any plastering and decorating required.

If water is still leaking from you roof, you must act quickly. Under the terms of your policy, you have a duty to mitigate your claim. This means that you must take reasonable care to avoid the damage to your property getting any worse. Therefore, you must stop the water getting in to prevent unnecessary internal damage. The longer the water pours in, the more damage it will cause. This therefore increases both the scale and cost of repairs.


Storm damage insurance claim repairs we can help with:

Property drying and water damage

Treating & drying wet joists and timber in the loft

Removing and replacing sodden loft insulation

Repairing water damaged ceilings

Replacing collapsed lath & plaster ceilings

Renewing cracked Artex ceilings

Re-plastering & decorating water damaged walls


Need help making a claim for internal damage following a storm?  Call IC Assist now on 0800 4337 290