Impact Damage Insurance Claim

impact damage insurance claim

Making an impact damage insurance claim? IC Assist provide a complete restoration service. Impact damage claims are more common than you might think. Unfortunately, accidents do happen and impacts can occur due to a number of different reasons. For instance, trees can come crashing down damaging your building during a storm.

However, the most common type of impact damage repair claims we manage arise as a result of vehicles boundary walls or pillars. We managed an interesting claim where an operator of a JCB mini digger accidentally swung around, knocking down our customers boundary wall!

We’ve also managed more substantial claims as a result of vehicles colliding with the front of properties.

Claims for impact damage to a boundary wall.

If your boundary wall is damaged and you share it with your adjoining neighbour, the law requires that you serve them a Party Wall Notice (as per Party Wall Act 1996). It’s crucial that this is done correctly. As you’re unable to start any repairs until your neighbour consents to the proposed work. However, don’t worry, we can contact a reputable Party Wall Surveyor to ensure you comply.

Damage to buildings caused by an impact from a fallen tree or vehicle.

If a vehicle’s hit your property, you may experience problems opening or closing windows and doors. If this applies to you, it’s important to organise emergency repairs quickly. This will ensure your property is safe, secure and watertight, while your insurer reviews your claim. This is something IC Assist can arrange for you.

More importantly, the impact may also be affecting the structural stability of your property. Where necessary, we can arrange for a qualified Structural Engineer to assess the damage. This will protect the safety of you and your family. In addition, it will also give you peace of mind that the scope of the restoration work covers everything it should. It will also ensure do don’t have any issues in the future.

We’re also here to help if a recent storm has caused a tree or branches to come crashing down, damaging your roof, windows or building. So if your require immediate assistance claiming for impact damage repairs of this nature, just get in touch.

A complete solution to your impact damage insurance claim.

As professional insurance claim builders, IC Assist not only provide a wide range of building services to restore your property after the impact. But will also manage all aspects of your impact claim on your behalf. This includes the arrangement of professional services (that insurers and Loss Adjusters overlook). For instance:

  • Part wall notices – We can arrange a Party wall Surveyor to ensure you comply with the Part Wall Act 1996.
  • Emergency repairs – Our contractors will carry out a temporary repair to windows and doors to secure your property. This will help mitigate your claim and prevent secondary damage.
  • Structural repairs – If your policy covers you for ‘professional fees’, IC Assist can arrange an independent survey from a qualified Structural Surveyor to assess any damage that is affecting the structure of the building.
  • Building Control – If there’s significant damage affecting the structural safety of your property, we’ll liaise with Building Control to ensure repairs are completed in line with current building regulations.

Making an impact damage insurance claim? Call 0800 4337 290 to book a free survey of the damage.