Insurance Repair Quotes

IC Assist provide detailed insurance repair quotes

Trying to get some insurance repair quotes following damage to your property? We can help. If you’re making a claim on your buildings insurance and your insurer has asked you to get a couple of quotes for the repairs, just give us a call. IC Assist are a well established and reputable VAT registered company. We provide professional quotations in a format your insurance company will accept. IC Assist can help with all types of property claims:

  • Escape of water
  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Storm
  • Imapct
  • Accidental
  • Malicious/criminal damage

We also provide a unique free service that will save you the time and hassle of dealing with multiple tradesmen. As property damage specialists, IC Assist have a team of experienced contractors that can help no matter what the extent of the damage.

So, whether your looking for a ceiling repair estimate, or a quote to restore multiple rooms affected by water damage, you’ve come to the right place. IC Assist can help with everything from minor damage to your ceilings, walls and floors. To complete refurbishments following a fire, flood or malicious damage. We provide your insurer with one complete cost for all restoration work required.

IC Assist provide professional building repair quotes for all types of property claims.

Why get involved in sending multiple quotes to your insurance company, when IC Assist can save you the hassle? As part of our FREE property claims management service, we’ll email our quote straight to your insurer (or their Loss Adjuster) for approval.

We offer a wide range of insurance repair services and can provide itemised quotes for:

Feel free to have a browse through any of our 35 Facebook albums to see before, during and after pictures of insurance repairs our team have completed.

Insurers don’t usually request several estimates for repairs when IC Assist are managing the claim.

Over the last ten and a half years that we’ve been managing insurance claims, we’ve only come across a couple of instances where multiple quotes were necessary. However, these were on very large claims. In most cases, our detailed schedule of works has been sufficient. This is because insurers and Loss Adjusters simply compare our repair costs against their allowable rates. Should there be a variance in our costs, we’ll negotiate with them to agree a price. Providing their rates are reasonable, we’ll adjust our price accordingly. This avoids the need for a second quotation from another builder. However, if they insist on an additional estimate, we can arrange for an independent company to provide a quote.

Why do insurance companies tell you to get multiple quotations for your insurance repairs?

Unfortunately, most insurers inconvenience their customers by making them get insurance repair quotes from multiple different companies. Unfortunately, that means a lot of frustration for you. Firstly, you will need to make multiple calls to arrange for several different tradesmen to look at the damage. Then, it’s pot luck if they will turn up when they say they will – or even turn up at all! But, one of the biggest problems is actually getting a professional and itemised estimate back from them.

Why do insurers put their customers through all this hassle? Quite simply, because it’s easier and cheaper to let you and the contractors run around doing all the work for them! Once you forward estimates to them, they will just pick the cheapest one! The real worry with this approach is, that the cheapest quote is cheap for a reason. The main one being, it’s missing a lot of important work required to professionally restore a building!

However, when you choose IC Assist to manage your claim, you can just sit back, relax and leave everything to us! We specialise in insurance reinstatement work and provide a comprehensive quotation. It will itemise ALL necessary work to professionally return your property back to it’s pre loss condition. (This is just one benefit of our using our claims management service.)

How can you be sure quotes from general contractors will include all the repairs you’re entitled to?

Getting an insurance repair estimate from a general contractor, plasterer or decorator isn’t a good idea. (Especially when the damage has been caused by a leak, burst pipe or flood.) Why? Quite simply, because general contractors aren’t experts in insurance and do not specialise in water damage restoration. Therefore, they don’t have drying equipment and can’t quote for drying, treating or sanitising any wet building materials.

Ensuring your building is adequately dried is the most important stage of a water damage claim. Which is what makes IC Assist different to most other builders. We have professional equipment to dry your property before starting any redecoration. There are however, many other reasons why you should choose IC Assist.

Also, if your insurer doesn’t come out and assess the damage, how do you know whether their settlement will cover all necessary repairs? Unless they send out a Loss Adjuster to assess the damage, they will only be relying on rough estimates. The biggest problem with that is, should the estimate be missing something, you won’t be able to go back to your insurer at a later date. As a result, you will have to pay for any problems that arise!

We provide a fixed price for all necessary reinstatement work.

Unlike other companies, we don’t just estimate the cost. Our quotations are detailed and itemised. This provides your insurer with a fixed cost to carry out all repairs. Depending on the type of damage, we can also include costs for specialist services (if they are required). These can include things such as property drying, Building Control, Structural Surveyors, Party Wall Surveyors etc.

Can I get a FREE quote without using your claims management service?

Unfortunately, we only provide a free quotation if you want us to manage your claim and carry out the repairs. This is because our insurance repair quotes are very detailed and take a lot of time to produce. Typically, it takes about one hour to survey the damage and another hour to produce a detailed schedule of works. This the provides us with all the information we need to accurately calculate the total restoration cost. With larger claims however, it can take a lot longer. As the damage can affect multiple rooms or an entire property.

Please don’t waste your time getting several insurance repair estimates. Just call us on 0800 4337 290 and we’ll take care of everything!