Malicious damage to property

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Making a malicious damage claim to cover the cost of repairing your home, business or rental property? IC Assist are here to help – no matter what damage has been caused!

Our comprehensive building repair service, caters for all types of property damage caused by tenants, criminals, vandals or disgruntled customers etc.

We have a hand picked team of specialist contractors to assist with all types of malicious damage repairs. From small claims for broken windows and doors. To large claims for fire damage restoration or repairing an entire property that’s had cannabis growing inside.

We can help with all types of malicious or criminal damage.

Criminal or malicious damage occurs when an individual(s) intentionally causes damage or destruction to a someone else’s property. This can be as a result of criminal operations, or just out of hatred or spite. They can cause a wide variety of destruction to many different kinds of building materiels.

Most common types of malicious damage:

  • Arson
  • Graffiti
  • Vandalism
  • Water Damage
  • Fire/smoke/soot damage
  • Broken windows/doors/locks
  • Damage to ceilings, walls or floors
  • Tampering with electrics or plumbing
  • Deliberate damage to kitchens or bathroom suites.

IC Assist remove the stress of dealing with your malicious damage repairs.

Arranging the clean up and repairs to a building after malicious or criminal damage can be a daunting and time consuming task. Most people just simply don’t have the time to deal with repairs on this scale. Even for those that do, it can just be too much to cope with. We understand how devastating it must be to see your home, business or rental property in such a terrible condition. Especially when you have invested a lot of time, effort and money into it. So why not use our FREE property claims management service and let us deal with your claim and all the repairs?

Let us handle all aspects of your malicious damage insurance claim.

IC Assist’s involvement is particularity beneficial when claiming for substantial damage. For instance, if your property has suffered fire damage, we can assist with any fire, smoke and water damage restoration work required. Or, we can completely restore wide scale destruction if for instance, your property has been converted into a cannabis farm. However, it is useful to have an insurance specialist IC Assist to help and support you through the claim process on smaller claims too.

Our Claims Manager will work on your behalf to ensure your insurer handles your claim fairly and in line with your cover. This will involve, meeting your insurer or their appointed Loss Adjuster on site to discuss the claim and agree the necessary repairs. He will also produce a detailed schedule of works and send it direct to your insurer for their approval. Once they approve the reinstatement works, we’ll instruct our team to professionally restore your property into a welcoming home gain. These are just a few benefits of using IC Assist to deal with everything on your behalf and there are lots more!

Significant destruction caused by criminal operations.

The number of landlords having to make a malicious damage claim on their buildings insurance is increasing rapidly. This is largely due to the large rise in the number of criminals converting rental and unoccupied properties into cannabis farms. The significant destruction they can cause is a big problem for property owners. This is because it can take a lot of time, effort and money to restore their building to its previous condition.

You can see some pictures of properties damaged by tenants growing cannabis on our Facebook page. These were taken by our surveyor on criminal damage claims we were called in to assist with.

It is very distressing when you discover what your tenants have been getting up to behind your back. We know how unpleasant it is when you see the aftermath of cannabis farming for the first time. What initially hits you is the overwhelming and disgusting smell throughout the house. (This is due to a combination of the increased humidity, fertilizer and intensive farming.) However, the real shock comes when you see the full extent of the destruction and the awful condition your tenants have left everything in! But don’t worry, our Claims Manager will help you with every aspect of your claim.

What damage do criminals cause to buildings when setting up cannabis farms?

The aftermath of this type of malicious damage can be so bad, that many clients don’t want to go into their property! The mess, smell and destruction left behind is awful. These criminals traipse fertiliser and soil everywhere, ruining the carpets. The windows are usually damaged as a result of them boarding up the window panes. Then, there’s the large holes in ceilings and walls, which they create to run their ducting through for ventilation.

However, the biggest concern is what they do to the electrics. As a lot of artificial lighting is necessary to grow their plants, it’s common for them to tamper with electrical circuits. They do this to bypass the mains supply. They also add dangerous numbers of additional electrical sockets. Often, they’ll fit them next to each other in rows and mount them on doors, sheets of timber or attach them to the wall. (You typically see scorch marks on the surfaces they’ve been fixed to). These make shift electrical alterations are dangerous and could cause a fire!

The scale of these criminal operations is also rising, as they target much bigger properties. Take a look at this article showing industrial scale cannabis farms set up in a bank, hotels and bingo hall. Or the 2,000 cannabis plants discovered by police when responding to reports of a break in on Christmas day.

Ensuring your property is safe and secure is our first priority.

When dealing with your malicious damage claim, a ‘make safe’ is our initial concern. The type of emergency repairs required will depend on the extent of the criminal damage. For instance, if your doors and windows are unsecure, we will get them repaired as our first priority. (They may have been damaged as a result of malicious acts or by the police/fire brigade when forcing entry). Or, if your electrics or plumbing were tampered with, our contractors will rectify any damage to mitigate your claim.

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