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Our FREE insurance claims management service at IC Assist takes care of all aspects of your claim. As insurance specialists, we handle everything on your behalf. This includes dealing with your insurer and any Loss Adjuster they appoint to represent them. Your satisfaction is really important to us and that’s why we tailor our service to your needs.

From the outset, you’ll have a dedicated Claims Manager, who will take care of everything for you. He’ll be your one point of contact, from the survey of the damage through to the completion of the repairs. In addition, he will also update you as the claim progresses. So, you will know what is happening at all times.

Above all, the best part of our claims management service is it’s completely free. We do not charge you or your insurer to manage your claim, providing we carry out the repairs. Please note your policy excess will apply – if you have one.

Who is Our Claims Management Service for?

Our unique service provides professional assistance to anyone claiming on their buildings insurance. No matter how large or small or what type of damage there is. So, it’s useful to anyone claiming for property damage. There are a variety of different reasons why cleints instruct us to manage their insurance claims. Some people simply don’t:

Why is our Free Insurance Claims Management Service so Highly Recommended?

We are often told by our clients how thankful they are that they chose us to deal with everything for them. As they didn’t think their claim would require so much time and effort and underestimated exactly what’s involved. They also didn’t realise just how important it is to have someone working on their behalf. Not only to protect their interests but to guide and support them throughout the entire process.

Over the years, we’ve helped many customers with a wide variety of circumstances. Some clients claims were rejected (repudiated) by their insurer. Primarily, this was a result of customers not having the knowledge or experience to challenge their insurer. Not only that, but they didn’t understand their policy wording. As a consequence, they weren’t sure what their entitlements were. So as a result, they were extremely grateful they chose IC Assist to represent them.

Most other claims were approved, but the settlement offers were missing a lot of necessary repairs. This took a lot of perseverance and justification on our part to get the insurer/Loss Adjuster to add the repairs they had overlooked. Thanks to a decade of experience in managing property claims, we’ve helped many customers overturn wrongful decisions made by insurance companies. In each case, we ensured their property was repaired in line with what their policy covered them for.

When is IC Assist’s Involvement Particularly Beneficial?

Our free insurance claims management service is extremely helpful if you’re claiming for water damage repairs after an escape of water, fire or flood. This is because these types of claims aren’t easy and can be very complex. Therefore, having a professional company like IC Assist to represent you is key to ensuring your insurer approves your claim.

We will work tirelessly on your behalf to ensure:

In addition, water damage claims usually require a variety of specialist contractors, to ensure the reinstatement of your property is to a high standard. So, if you were handling everything yourself, you would not only have to deal with your insurer or their Loss Adjuster. But you would also have to contact and coordinate multiple contractors. You might also need to arrange visits from drying technicians to install drying equipment. As well as scheduling monitoring visits with the technician until your property is dry. (As redecoration should not begin until the damaged areas have reached the industry standard of dryness.)

We can also help you claim for alternative accommodation.

Should it be necessary for your insurer to rehouse you whilst the property is being restored, we’ll try to make the process as easy as possible. This means our Claims Manager will do everything he can to minimise disruption to your normal routine and commitments. For instance, he’ll do his best to find you accommodation that’s is similar to and in close proximity to your existing property. (Please note, this will depend on the specific conditions of the ‘alternative accommodation’ cover in your policy.) Leaving us to take care of this aspect of your claim will prevent any unnecessary stress or inconvenience. Here’s an example published in the Guardian, of a claim involving temporary housing which an insurance company organised. It explains the traumatic experience a couple went through after their insurer moved them six times over an eight-month period.

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What our Claims Manager Will do for you:

Let us get your claim moving – take advantage of our FREE service now!

Our highly recommended free insurance claims management service deals with all aspects of your claim. This includes your insurer, their Loss Adjusters, the contractors and all the emails and phone calls. So claiming for property damage with IC Assist really is easy and stress-free. Simply call us now to book your no-obligation survey and leave the rest to us. Feel free to take a look at our Google reviews or Facebook testimonials to see what our clients think about both our claims management and insurance repair service. You can also see our customer surveys and testimonials in our album on Facebook.

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