FAQ’s For Property Damage Repairs and Home Insurance Claims

FAQ's For Property Damage Repairs and Home Insurance Claims

We’ve put together a list of FAQ’s for property damage repairs and home insurance claims, to help with any questions you may have. We know dealing with an insurance claim can be overwhelming and confusing. So if you’re making a claim for the first time, don’t worry, IC Assist are here to help.

Our Claims Manager will not only talk you through the whole claim process. But he will also discuss what to expect from everyone involved in settling your claim and restoring your property. He will also read through your policy wording and explain what your policy covers you for.


Please feel free to have a browse through our list of the most commonly asked questions about our service and about making a claim. If you have a question that is not answered below, please feel free to give us a call on 0800 4337 290

What is a Loss Adjuster and why do insurance companies appoint them?

Normally insurance companies appoint Loss Adjusters on claims over £1,000 to act on their behalf. Typically, their role is to visit the property to assess the damage, validate your claim and agree the lowest possible settlement.

What is the difference between IC Assist and the Loss Adjuster working for my insurer?

We care about you and work for you – not your insurer. We’ll protect your interests and ensure the damage is thoroughly assessed. We will also instruct experienced contractors to restore your property to its former condition.

I have submitted my claim to my insurer – is it too late for IC Assist to help me?

No, we can help you at any stage of your claim, although it would be easier for you if you instruct us to manage your claim right from the outset. Once you have logged your claim with your insurer, you don’t need to do anything else – just leave it all to us!

My insurer asked me to get several quotes – do I really need to do this?

No, most insurers don’t request several quotes after receiving ours. This is because our quotes are very detailed with precise measurements and include high quality pictures of the damage. If however, your insurer requests additional quotes, we can arrange this for you.

Do you provide a FREE quote if I don’t want you to manage my claim?

No, we don’t just provide a FREE quote. However, if you would like us to manage your entire claim and complete all the repairs, we provide a FREE survey and a detailed quote as part of our free claims management service.

Why don’t you provide just a FREE insurance repair quote?

We only provide quotes for customers who want us to manage their entire claim and carry out all the repairs. This is because our surveys and quotes are very detailed and it can take several hours to survey the damage and produce a detailed schedule of works. You can find out more by visiting our insurance repair quotes page.

Why is my insurer asking me to get several quotes?

To save money – insurers make you do all the running around to get several quotes, just so they can choose the cheapest one! It can also save them the cost of sending out a Loss Adjuster. As they can offer you a cash settlement based on the quotes you send to them. In our experience, the cheapest quote is often missing a lot of repairs. This is usually because general tradesmen aren’t experts in insurance and don’t check your policy wording to ensure you get the repairs you are entitled to.

If your service is FREE, why do I need to pay my policy excess?

When settling a claim, your insurance company will deduct your policy excess (if you have one) from the payment they issue to settle the claim. This is standard practice with insurance policies. As a result, you will need to pay your policy excess and would be applicable no matter who you choose to carry out the repairs).

Is there a catch? How are you able to offer a completely FREE Claims Management service?

No, there isn’t a catch. There is no charge to you or your insurer for our claims management service. This is provided that we carry out the repairs and manage your claim through to completion. We work just like any other builder. We make our profit on the contractors we instruct to carry out the repairs.

Does IC Assist have any customer reviews I can see online?

Yes, some of our customers have taken the time to leave us some reviews online. Please click the links which will take you to our genuine customer reviews on  Google, Facebook and MyBuilder. You can also see handwritten customer testimonials and customer satisfaction surveys that we have scanned in.

Why should I choose IC Assist to help me with my claim instead of a general builder?

Most general builders will only be able to provide you with a quote for standard property repairs. They are not trained in insurance and won’t be able to give you advised based on your specific policy wording. IC Assist however, specialise in insurance. So we’ll make sure your property is repaired in line with the terms of your policy and that your insurer doesn’t overlook any repairs.

Also, most general builders don’t have the knowledge or experience to professional dry and restore a property affected by a flood or an escape of water. IC Assist on the other hand specialise in water damage restoration. We also have state of the art Dri-Eaz drying equipment to ensure you property is adequately dried (before carrying out any repairs).

Can I see examples of insurance repairs IC Assist have carried out?

Yes, we currently have 35 albums showcasing some of our before, during and after pictures of claims we have managed on our Facebook Page. Please feel free to have a look through our albums.

What can IC Assist do with my claim that I can’t?

We will carefully check your policy wording and policy exclusions to ensure your insurer covers the costs of all the repairs you are entitled to. Our surveyor will make sure that nothing gets missed off the settlement offer from your insurer. We are very thorough and have the experience and equipment to identify hidden damage that often gets overlooked by other builders, insurers and Loss Adjusters.

For example, we were called in to assess damage to a kitchen and bedroom following a leak from the flat above. The proposal from the Loss Adjuster and all previous building companies that assessed the damage was to just stain block and paint the affected area. However, our surveyor suspected the damage was a lot more significant and required a lot more work than this.

After taking moisture meter readings and removing the kitchen plinths, it was evident that the plasterboard and insulation in the ceiling and walls were totally saturated and moldy and required replacement. More worryingly, the water had also rotten the structural timber frame of the building. As a result, significant structural repairs were required to both flats. It is shocking how easily these major structural repairs were overlooked by all other professionals who attended prior to IC Assist!

You can see pictures of the damage to the ceiling caused by a leak from flat above on our Facebook page. Please feel free to take a look at the pictures showing the true extent of the water damage to the walls. There was a significant amount of mold and moisture behind the plasterboard and kitchen units.

Also, where necessary we can instruct; structural surveyors, party wall surveyors and fully licensed asbestos sampling, testing and removal firms.

Why do I need IC Assist – won’t my insurance company help me with my claim?

Insurers and Loss Adjusters main concern is to limit their liability and settle claims for the lowest possible amount. We care about you and will ensure that your insurer or their appointed Loss Adjuster/surveyor/ claims validation company doesn’t overlook anything. We will liaise with them so that you get all the repairs you are entitled to under the terms of your policy.

What will IC Assist’s Claims Manager do for me?

Your dedicated Claims Manger will be your one point of contact and will keep you updated throughout your claim. He will meet and liaise with your insurer/Loss Adjuster to agree all the necessary repairs. Once they authorise your claim, he will instruct our contractors and oversee all repairs through to completion.

My insurer is offering me a cash settlement – should I take it or can I decline their offer?

You should consider your options carefully if you are offered a cash settlement. This is because your insurers liability ends once you accept their offer. It’s important to make sure the settlement covers all repair costs. It should also include (where necessary) any specialist fees such as: party wall/structural surveyors and asbestos sampling/testing/removal (as these are quite costly).

How long will it take to process my claim?

This depends on your insurer/Loss Adjuster and the volume of claims they are dealing with and how efficiently they process your claim. Most insurers can take 7-10 days to acknowledge our quote. However, this can be longer during surge events like major flooding or storms. We know you want your property repaired as quickly as possible, so we’ll chase them regularly to progress your claim.

My property has water damage – do you offer a property drying service?

Yes, we have Dri-Eaz industrial drying equipment on hand to help get your property dried as quickly as possible. Where appropriate, we can install our dehumidifiers and air movers during our initial survey of the damage. This will help to stabilize moisture levels and prevent mold growing whilst waiting for your claim to be approved. It also helps you fulfill your obligation to mitigate your claim and prevent secondary damage to your property.

Can you help me if my property is outside of your area?

If your property is outside of our service area, please feel free to get in touch. We are happy to have a chat and offer you help and advice. We receive calls from all around the UK including: Edinburgh, Glasgow, London, Bristol, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Leicester, Bradford, Sheffield, Leeds, Newcastle, Southampton and surrounding areas. So if you need some support with your home insurance claim, just give IC Assist a call on 0800 4337 290 to see how we can help.