Customer Satisfaction Is Our Number One Priority!

IC Assist review - claim for repairs to wet room & lounge

As a small family run company, we really do care about our customers and that’s why customer satisfaction is so important to us. We strive to be the best in our field to ensure our customers get a professional service at all times. For almost a decade, we’ve worked hard to build a reputation that we are very proud of. As a result, we have lots of satisfied customers who would happily recommend our service to friends and family. In fact, a lot of new clients have been recommended by happy customers we’ve helped in the past!

How does IC Assist achieve such high customer satisfaction levels?

Customer feedback for repairing water damage to ceiling, walls and flooring

Quite simply because we have very high standards in everything that we do. Our attention to detail and passion for delivering an exceptional service is what sets up apart. We put a great deal of time and effort into every aspect of a claim. Right from the initial survey and producing a comprehensive quote. To getting all the necessary repairs authorised and planning the reinstatement work down to the finest detail!

IC Assist do things the right way!

IC Assist review for management of an escape of water claim

So, this means no cutting corners or using cheap materials. We strive to do a job right first time. Our mission is to leave you with a beautifully repaired property that not only looks good, but is built to last. How do we achieve this? By only using products that we have tried and tested and would use in our own home. The last thing we want is for a product to fail or not be long lasting.

We also don’t rush jobs or take on more work than we can handle. Even if this unfortunately means having to turn customers away. As ultimately, this could potentially have a knock on affect on our service levels. (Which is something we do not compromise on!)

What’s the most valuable aspect of our service?

Facebook testimonial - insurance claim for water damage to kitchen

The one thing are customers are most grateful for is our determination. As unfortunately, it’s common for Loss Adjusters to offer inadequate settlements. Typically because, they’re basing it on their scope of works. (Usually it’s missing a lot of necessary repairs, simply because they are overworked and rush). Getting them too add in everything they’ve overlooked takes a lot of time and perseverance!

However, the part of our service that has the biggest impact on our customers, is when we overturn wrongfully declined claims. This is something we have done countless times over the years. It’s also what makes our job so rewarding. The key to our success is mainly due to the time we invest in carefully reviewing the customers policy wording and exclusions. In conjunction with considering the circumstances leading to the loss/damage. Once we are certain the claim should be approved, we work tirelessly to get them to approve the claim.

The reviews you see above are taken from our Facebook page. Some of our clients have taken the time to leave us feedback. To see what they have to say about our claims management service and the quality of the repairs, please take a look at our Facebook testimonials below.

Want to see some more feedback? Feel free to have a browse through some of our handwritten customer satisfaction forms in our Facebook albums. We also have some great feedback from other customers we’ve helped on Google and MyBuilder.