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Settling home insurance claims

Accepting a cash settlement for home insurance claims without a full assessment, is not a good idea!

Settling home insurance claims
We can help with all types of home insurance claims

Some insurance companies are trying a new approach to save money on processing insurance claims. They are doing this by, settling claims based on just a few pictures of the damage.

Unbelievably, insurers are now asking customers to send them pictures of the damage to their home. Then they offer a cash settlement based on what they can see in the pictures!

Cutting costs by settling claims with office based Claims Handlers, is an awful way to deal with a claim. Instead, your insurance company should send a Loss Adjuster out to actually assess the damage.



Pictures do not show the full extent of the damage – especially if there is any water damage.

In our experience, Claims Handlers don’t have the same knowledge and experience to settle a claim as a Loss Adjuster. In addition, what’s really worrying, is that pictures will not show any damage beneath the surface. With water damaged properties in particular, this is a big problem. As, if a Loss Adjuster doesn’t actually see the damage, how can they be sure there is no damage beneath?

Let IC Assist assess the damage to your home, to ensure your insurer doesn’t overlook any necessary repairs.

If you’ve been asked you to send them pictures of the damage, then please give us a call before you do. As part of our FREE Claims Management Service, we will forward high quality pictures to your insurer. But only after we have completed a full assessment of the damage to your property. If there is any water damage, we will also take moisture meter readings. These reading determine what building materials we can dry and what we will need to remove and replace. In addition, we can also install our drying equipment to prevent any further damage to your property.

Call 0800 4337 290 now to get your FREE survey of the damage to your property

Thank you card for managing extensive water damage repairs

Thank you card - water damage repairs in Cyncoed CardiffThank you message for managing a water damage repairs in Cyncoed Cardiff

We would like to share a thank you card we received for managing water damage repairs to a ground floor flat. The message said:

“Thank you for all your hard work. We are so pleased with the flat”.

Sue got in touch as she needed our help with substantial water damage to her flat. She had a leak from her bath that went un-detected for a long period of time.

As a result, the water tracked throughout their entire flat, damaging the floors and walls in every room!

Due to the extensive drying and repairs required, they had to move out for the duration of the works.


Water damage repairs of this nature require a lot of preparation and drying.

Before we could strip out the water damaged building materials, we took all furniture and contents out of the property. This allowed us to remove all wall and floor coverings including all plaster contaminated with salts. We then sanitised all affected areas and installed drying equipment. Due to the amount of water that had leaked throughout the property, it took one month to completely dry.

Before re-plastering the walls, we applied a salt neutraliser to prevent the salts from re-appearing. We then fitted new skirting and architrave throughout, before re-decorating every room. We also re-tiled the kitchen and gave the bathroom a complete re-fit too. As the flat was on the ground floor, we applied a new screed to level the floor. Then we laid a damp proof membrane, before fitting the new laminate flooring. Please take a look at the project we have put together on this water damage property refurbishment.

The couple we absolutely delighted with both our claims management service and the refurbishment of their flat. Please take a look at their feedback below.

water damage repair to flat in Cyncoed, Cardiff

If you’re making a claim and need help with the repairs, just let IC Assist take care of everything.

Managing a water damage claim of this size and organising repairs would usually be a daunting and stressful task. However, this was not the case for Sue and Simon, as our FREE claims management service took care of everything. We dealt with all aspects of their claim from dealing with the Loss adjuster to arranging and overseeing all the drying and restoration.

If you have a claim that you would like us to help with, just give us a call on 0800 4337 290